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Seeds & Signs

*Paul, an Argentinian Ph.D. student, worked hard to make his way to the States. He battled through international entrance exams, strained finances, and an inhibited social life just to get the chance to study in a place far away. Thankfully, he doesn’t have any regrets. “I am in love with this beautiful country. Here I […]


Raising the Flag

It’s your first day on campus. Everything is so big, new and mysterious. You’re in a new country. You’re awestruck at how different everything and everyone is from you and where you grew up. All day, it seems like you’re constantly reminded: ”I’m not home anymore.” Then, surprisingly, as your day comes to a close, […]


Facing Challenges

*Jane, a Chinese graduate of the Ohio State University, was often away from home as she grew up. “When I went to middle school, I was in a boarding school: you can go back home every week. In my high school, I went to Shanghai and I went back home every month. I think that […]


This Gospel

 Volunteer loves sharing Jesus with internationals  “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes…” (Romans 1:16) There’s a dream that we’ve all had before: the fence surrounding the yard, the kids playing with the dog, and the sense that […]


Jump In

Campus Minister and Key Volunteer make room for displaced student It seems like every day, both in ministry and life, opportunities come unexpectedly. Some of them benefit us immediately; most take time to reveal the rewards. Nonetheless, the opportunity will never show its worth, unless we decide to seize it, and stick with it. Take […]


Glory in Family

A prayer warrior finds family with internationals and IFI. “I feel like IFI is family,” says Connie Pridemoore, a recently retired nurse, smiling warmly. Connie serves IFI in multiple capacities as a volunteer, including as an English Conversation Partner and a member of the IFI Prayer team. But this feeling of family that she has […]


Connecting the Disciplers

IFI associate staff are inspired to disciple the nations. “The Great Commission is for all believers,” asserts Bob Mack, a retired IT Director and Project Manager who has been involved with IFI for over 10 years. His wife, Karen, a part time Pharmacist, has worked with him every step of the way. “I love that […]


Achieving Rest

Volunteer takes part in the Great Commission after finding all her needs in the Jesus. “Mom colored me to be an achiever.” Sue Kroeger, the Associate Communications Specialist for the IFI National team, often reflects on her life before Christ. “I grew up without much knowledge about God. My mom did not speak of God […]


Good to the Bone

Students finds goodness is a Christian home. Growing up in the fast paced, diverse city of Karachi, Pakistan was very different from living in Ohio for *Eria, an Orthopedic Research Fellow at Ohio State University’ Wexner Medical Center. “It was always sunny and warm,” she chuckles. Despite the appealing climate, Eria’s childhood was faced with […]