IFI Training Prepares Intern to Share the Gospel in China (June 2021)

By Ben Eisenmann on June 8, 2021

We have received exciting updates from a returned international student, Tina, who completed IFI’s discipleship program: International Students as Equipped and Empowered Disciples (iSEED).  

She returned to a region in China where several ethnic minorities live.  Since her return she has been teaching English to high school and college students.  Thanks to the training Tina received from IFI she is better prepared for the many opportunities she has to share her faith with students.  For example, a student asked her if the class could read CS Lewis’ book “The Chronicles of Narnia”, because of an interest in learning about religions.  Also, she had a chance to tell a student who was struggling with anger and depression that her problem couldn’t be solved by man’s power, but that she could only be free from anger and depression with the help of Jesus.

While Tina was still in Columbus, she started a weekly Bible discussion with her own family members and some of them came to Christ.  Since being back, God is confirming the vision He gave her to start churches among families, and in three years she has been able to start a few small family churches.

The statistical diagrams and charts show that since the inception of IFI internships in 1996 over 60 students from 9 different countries have participated. We are blessed to hear regularly from former iSEEDers about the ministry impact they are having. However, your help is needed so that other internationals like Tina can receive this important discipleship training. 

One of the biggest barriers to international students joining our discipleship training program is being able to remain in good standing with the INS by finding part time jobs in their major field of study.  For example, Tina graduated with an applied linguistics degree and tried for 2 months to find a job, but was not able to do so.  Thankfully IFI was able to hire her to help with some translation work so she could stay in the US legally.  However, IFI can’t hire all students and some have been unable to participate in the iSEED program because they have not found a job.

Do you know of employers who might want to hire this coming years’ iSEED program candidates?  The current needs are for jobs in Communications, Computer Science, Nursing, and International Politics/Studies.  If you may be able to help a student find a job, please contact Mike K., IFI Internship Coordinator at: Would you please join us in praying for all of these students to be able to find a job and participate in the program?