International Graduates Hope to Join the ISEED Discipleship Program (July 2021)

If you recall in the June newsletter we told you about a returned graduate of the IFI internship/discipleship program, ISEED, who as a result of the training she received is now back home in China sharing her faith. This summer we have received requests from 7 newly graduated students from Rwanda, Ghana, Columbia, Uganda, and China to participate in the ISEED program for the 2021-22 school year. However, these students cannot remain in the US to participate unless they have a part- time job in their field of study by August 2nd!

That is where you come in. Would you join us in praying that God would provide jobs? Can you send me job leads to help find part-time jobs for the following people…?

Diandry Rutayisire from Rwanda is looking for a job in computer programming (C++, Java, Python)

Vashni Boamah from Ghana is also looking for a computer programming job (C++, Java, Python)

Maribel Santoyo from Columbia is looking for a job helping underprivileged peoples, immigration, or social work. Her masters degree is in International politics and an undergrad in business administration. She also has experience in logistics and ESOL.

Jessie Bakitunda from Uganda is looking for a job helping African refugees or children.  Her masters degree is in International Studies (Africa) and an undergrad in education.

Rao Jiao from China is looking for a job in Communications & Economics.  She also has a degree in Journalism.

Kossi Missedja from Ghana is looking for a job working with Latin American peoples.  He has a masters in International Studies (Latin America) and also has a tourism degree. He has teaching experience.

Resumes can be found here:

Please contact Mike Krajak at: if you have any job leads.