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Heal by HIM

By qidilin

Human being are always so short eye view of their own lives and little wisdom before God. We probably can see some problems we have since Holy Spirit leave in us but we can’t know everything about ourselves. Always, I found God answers or talks to me not in the way I expected, also the […]

God’s protection and mercy

By litachen

God is protecting me and holding me. Praise God He is good and always. In December, I ran into a car accident. I was on the way to attend Charles’s company Christmas party. The location was closed to downtown where I don’t familiar with. When I was about to exit from the highway the car […]

Set my minds on things above

By charlesshih

“Set my minds on things above, not on earthly things” Colossians 3:2 Last Year I was amazed by the “Messiah” that Handel composed. Before I listened to this concert, I never thought about Bible verses can be transformed into such a harmonious melody. Thanks for God’s creativity, his word was lively reappeared in front of me […]

Lay down and See bigger

By lemonqi

December was a could month in Columbus. At the end of December, I had two conferences to choose to attend. I wanted to go to Urbana conference because it was bigger, and it held every three years, sounding more large scale. However, when God calls me to go to Bridges Vision Conference instead of Urbana […]

God Draws People. To Be Part Of His Work.

By litachen

My first harvest. Reap In Joy. I met a girl named Carol at IFI Friday bible study. She is in the same group with me. On 11/16 is her second time coming to our group. After we finished the bible study I talked to her and asked what’s her plans for this weekends. She told […]

Learn to relax in Christ

By qidilin

When everything started to be on the right track, as to me, it is a very tight schedule. I started to work on my major part and ISEEDers’ classes, homework and reading some books. And I have to work hard on my graduation paper for Chinese graduated school, there are three more classes have to […]

Packed and Ready

By lemonqi

The fourth month passed in my ISEED program. It was still a busy month. We finished the book reading “A meal with Jesus”. I really experienced what the author said, “Meal slows down all the things”. I feel I’m always busy and the world is at fast pace; Only the meal slows me down to […]

About Meaning

By Lin

October was a little busy for me but I really enjoyed what I did for work. We hiked with students at Hocking Hills, which was pretty fun. We also organized a pumpkin carving event. Although I was busy doing lots of preparation work, I really enjoyed the event. I’m thankful that IFI helped me discovered […]

Unusual Dream

By charlesshih

Dream has different meaning to me. There is something unusual than before because I have noticed that dream is not just a dream. It is also a manner that God speaks to us(Job33:15-16). Through Karen’s lesson, I have learned at least six different ways that God might speak to us. One of them is a […]

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