IFI Event Core Leadership Team

Thank you for your interest in joining the Events Planning Team! The purpose of the team is to support the Event Coordinator in planning and implementing IFI events. 


Be available to meet with the Event Coordinator and other Team Leads at least once before each event.  

Be able to attend/support at least half of the annual student events. Ideally we will have two leaders for each Team, but if there are not two leaders committed ahead of time, there may be a need to help during more than half of the events and/or to recruit someone else.

IFI is presently planning the annual Welcome Events for the upcoming school year (2022-2023). We hope to have a core team in place by August 1, 2022 to help oversee (3) events in August. See our current Events Calendar below.

Team Responsibilities & Goals

  • Update written documentation regarding how the team operates, the tasks and duties of each team member, and suggestions for improvement and/or changes.
  • Help provide continuity from one event to the next and ensure quality control in specific aspects of events.
  • Help provide support to the overall IFI Event Core Leadership Team by assisting with a specific aspect of the event.

Areas of Specialization

Each member of the Leadership team will have a specialization in regards to an event and take ownership of that aspect of the event. Each Team Lead will also build and coordinate a team of volunteers before and during the event. The following are the different specializations and the responsibilities/qualifications for the Team Lead:

Greeting and Registration/Check-in

  • Arrives early to greet students
  • Able to use technology (a phone, QR Code reader app,  laptop or I-pad) for checking in and registering students and volunteers on-site

Food Service

  • Experience with understanding basic food safety practices
  • Able to delegate key roles, such as food runner, server, food prep to a team of volunteers

Set Up

  • Reports to IFI Office to load event materials
  • Physically capable of loading and unloading heavy boxes
  • Ability to set up large tents
  • Able to lead others to accomplish tasks (such as setting up tables and chairs) in various types of venues


  • Creative, detail-oriented
  • Works with Event Coordinator to use decorations to create the appropriate environment that is unique to each event.

Tear Down

  • Physical capable of loading and unloading heavy boxes
  • Able to assign specific tasks to volunteers.
  • Unloads event materials at IFI office

Volunteer Coordination

  • Works with the Event Coordinator to assign and communicate specific assignments for volunteers at each event

Information Table

  • Oversee the volunteers who will man the tables. The tables will be for different aspects of the ministry (Wives/Mom's outreach, English Club, Bible Discussion, Bible in Your Language Give A way, etc.)
  • Help prepare materials to handout to students.
  • Able to use technology (such as QR codes) to help students sign up.

If you’re interested in being a part of the team, or would like more information, sign up below!