Pray, Serve, Give! (August 2021)


  • Join a Prayer Walk on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 11-1pm. (see OSU Campus Ministry Update for more info)  
  • Sign up to pray daily in August! Receive the 30 days of Prayer Guide.
  • Pray for students to get their visas and for safe travels to Columbus.
  • Pray for good connections with the students met through hosting the August welcome events.
  • Pray for leaders for the International Wives Group and Mom’s groups
  • Pray for wisdom for IFI staff as they plan welcome events
  • Continue to pray for jobs for internationals who applied to IFI’s Iseed (internship and discipleship program) for this school year. 
  • Pray for more Bible Study group leaders and helpers.







Summer activity ideas to do with your international friend in Columbus

Check out the Every International presentation - Ministry in the Summer