Staff Highlight: Tish Krajnak

There are so many staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes to help ministry happen.  One of them is Tish Krajnak.   She has been serving as the Mobilization Administrative Assistant for the IFI Columbus team since 2017.  She describes her role as “a jack of all trades”, helping wherever she’s needed most.  Before joining the IFI team, Tish worked in similar positions at other organizations where she could use her gifts of organization, research and initiative.

Tish and her husband, Mike, first learned about international student ministry when they went through the adoption process of their daughter.  Shortly after, Tish began helping with her church’s international ministry.  In 2011, she began volunteering with IFI as a Conversation Partner and assisting the International Mother’s group.  Eventually, there was a need in the office where she volunteered for three years before officially joining the Columbus Staff team. 

“I started helping out because there was a need,” says Tish. “Just put me where you need me.”

Tish is a helper and servant for IFI and those around her.  While she doesn’t usually have the spotlight, she enjoys utilizing the gifts God has given her to help others do their job more effectively and will take any opportunity to relieve others of their burdens. 

Her greatest rewards of working for IFI have been learning from the different experiences of staff and students around her, and witnessing a student come to Christ.  She has seen God work in the hearts of students and move through the connections of families.  Tish looks forward to visiting China one day, where she can show her daughter her country of origin and visit past students that have left a mark on her life! 

 Tish asks for prayer over her work with volunteers and the continual improvement of effectiveness and efficiency within IFI’s ministry.


More help is needed--have you considered filling a staff position as a volunteer or paid worker?  See or contact Phil at for more information on job opportunities.