Muslim Friendship Team

The Muslim Friendship Team (MFT) is a group of followers of Jesus who have two objectives: 1) Befriend Muslim international students and 2) help other IFI volunteers connect with Muslim international students.

We work to:

  • remove barriers to building healthy relationships with Muslims
  • learn about the beliefs and traditions of Islam and become sensitive to them
  • clear up common misunderstandings related to Islam
  • interact with Muslims in culturally appropriate ways
  • share the love of God in Christ and extend a hand of peace to our Muslim friends

If you have questions or want to serve with us, please contact us at

How can I get involved?

Bridges Training Opportunity

Bridges is a curriculum developed by the Crescent Project to introduce Christians to Islam and pave the way for building relationships with Muslims in your community. IFI presents the Bridges training as a two- part DVD study on consecutive weekends. You must complete the Bridges curriculum and the IFI volunteer application and training, before befriending Muslims through the MFT.

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Bridges Small Groups

Small groups build on the concepts presented in the Bridges training. Groups meet monthly in homes to provide a stimulating, safe, and encouraging environment for members to explore, discuss, and apply of the concepts presented in the training.

Go Deeper
Look more deeply into the history of Islam and Mohammed’s life, the tenets of the Islamic faith, Muslim culture and worldview, extending hospitality to Muslims, praying with and for Muslims, and much more.

Use videos, books, scriptural studies, guest speakers and more to stimulate group members’ minds and engage their hearts.  Group leaders will facilitate meaningful dialogue, giving members opportunities to share and listen.

IFI hosts quarterly potlucks at which group members and Muslim international students can enjoy casual conversation over a meal and make new friends.

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