Thanksgiving Meal Hosting

If you are an International Student, Scholar, or Community Member, please visit our student website to register for this event:


November 23, 24 or 25, 2023


Your home

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST be a trained IFI volunteer to participate in this activity. If you're not an IFI volunteer (have not completed an application form, background check, and general training), you can fix that TODAY! Complete the required forms and sign up for training HERE.

Add some international flavor to your Holiday celebration by inviting an international student to share your holiday meal! Invite current IFI friends and/or sign up to host other students.

This is a fantastic opportunity to show hospitality to students who may never have been to an American home or interacted with Christians. We encourage you to take the time to have a conversation about the true meaning of the holiday!

Please begin the process HERE to become an approved IFI Volunteer.
Tell us where you learned of opportunities to volunteer with IFI.

If married, please provide your spouse's name.

In an effort to enable more volunteers a chance to host, we are offering different dates for holiday meal hosting. If you are flexible on which date you can host students, please indicate a second date that would work for you. If you only have one date available, please select Not Available for your second choice. Every effort will be made to pair you with students for your first choice. In the event that it is not possible, we will notify you and pair you with student for your second choice date.

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