UALC Friday Night Meeting – Set Up & Kitchen Help

With 10 small groups and up to 150+ students, we need help with providing food, setup, and cleanup each week.  This meeting is every Friday at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church-Lytham Rd (UALC-LR) at 2300 Lytham Rd.  In the spreadsheet below are the dates we will be meeting at UALC-LR this semester.

Weeks not listed are Home Meetings, so help is not needed.  Below is the current help we have for the remainder of the semester.  You can sign up using the form below.

Please use the form below to sign up for the above dates & service areas.  Thanks!

UALC-LR: Friday Set Up & Kitchen Help

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Friday Night Schedule

If you want to sign up for another week of the semester, click on "Add another response" below.