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Our ministry impact in Columbus focused on humbly seeking how God is asking us to serve international students in a pandemic-changed world. The following local stats are from June 2021 - May 2022:


International Students Reached


Students in Personal Discipleship


Students joined Bible discussion groups


Students received Christ

Watch our 16th annual banquet:

Our annual banquet was on April 30, 2022! It was such a blessing, because it was the first time we were in-person since COVID. The event was recorded, and we would love for you to watch. Maybe we will see you next year?

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We believe God is preparing us for greater outreach opportunities, and we're thankful that He's moving us forward. We are also thankful for your part in praying, serving and giving; because you are helping to move God's work among internationals forward!

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Chris and Mandy Wilson were in the midst of trying to build their family through adoption. While working through this, God showed them how they could "adopt" international college students in the meantime. They saw students lives change, but didn't realize how much God would change their own lives too.

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