Welcome Bags


Prepare bags with your family, small group,
or local church by

August 1


Deliver your completed bags to the IFI Office

1550 Old Henderson Rd
Columbus, OH 43220

Would you like to play an important part in reaching more international students with the gospel?

Each year IFI hands out gift bags with the IFI logo on them and small gifts inside, to students on the campus.  These bags can be a starting point for interest in discussing the Bible or to begin a friendship with an IFI volunteer.

Help us to prepare gift bags to be handed out to internationals!  This is an easy way to get your family, small group, or church involved in IFI.

Welcome Bags contain the following items:

  • Travel tissues
  • A mini sewing kit (available on Amazon)
  • A bottle of Hand Sanitizer
  • A travel pack of bandaids (available on Amazon)
  • TicTacs mints

To share this opportunity with others and for more information, please download this flyer

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